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Posted by Lindsay on 9/5/2013 to Spray Tanning

Everyday I talk to new MDT accounts that are frustrated that they purchased another brand of equipment before finding ours. Some try to use their sub-par set-up, because they've already made the investment, only to learn that they are loosing more money because of wasted solution with too much overspray or unhappy guests. 

So I wanted to do a breakdown of equipment to hopefully save some of you the heartache!

A small disclaimer: I have been in the industry for 10 years and am always working to make sure everything we produce is the most efficient, durable and profitable systems and products available. Although my opinion may seem biased, it really is based on facts. We could produce any type of system out there, but we only use our specific Iwata system because it is simply the best for spray tanning. So here is my unbiased factual review :)



Why they don't cut it for professionals:

• A complete tan takes at least 30 minutes using an airbrush.
• The mist is small, making it easier to make mistakes.
• Compressor is not designed to handle back to back tans.
• Finger fatigue from pulling back trigger.
• Thorough regular cleaning of parts required

Mega Systems! Why They Don't Cut It! 


• LOUD! Difficult to talk to the guest comfortably during the tanning session. This time is very valuable because you have the guest's attention for 10 minutes. You need to be educating them on caring for their tan and selling them on retail products and tanning packages. Also, depending on your set-up, it may not be possible to do another service in the room next door, at the same time.

• Too wide of a mist. This creates 2 problems. Wasted solution and a not-as-customizable tan. While companies boast a 2 minute tan, you don't want to do a 2 minute tan! You cannot even out tan lines or do body contouring with systems like this. The mist is too large, many compare it to that of a spray booth tan. Because the mist is wider than most parts of the body, up to half of the solution is wasted.

• Heavy/bulky systems. Not easily portable. You want to spray tan, not vacuum upholstery. Keep your equipment sleek and chic…and easy to carry. 


Why this system is the perfect solution:

-Super wide/fine mist. Wide enough to do a 5-10 minute tan but still small enough to do body contouring, even out tan lines and give a very customized tan. Minimal overspray. Ultra fine mist allows for the most natural looking tan.

• Very quiet.

• Lightweight and easy to transport. Compressor is 10 pounds with carrying handle. 

• Very little maintenance. Run hot water through spray gun at the end of every day.

• Designed for high volume tanning. Can do tan after tan after tan without stopping. 

As always, email me with any questions Lindsay@MillionDollarTan.com.


Date 6/27/2012 8:52:35 PM
Jeannine Fitzsimmons
I would like to get package# 3 . Can I pay you half now and half on delivery. Can I do this by credit card? How long does it take to ship ? Jeannine Www.creeksidesalon.ca
Date 6/5/2013
How long is the warranty?
Date 7/23/2013
Timbrie Gaines
Do you have payment plans
Date 9/10/2013
Tracy Barton
Do you do payment plans and can you send me a sample of the product to try before I purchases it? Also about how many tans can be done with a gallon of your product?
Date 3/22/2014
mayra v duarte
Do u all have any payment plans would like the biggest package if not ill just stick with small.. how many clients does a gallon do?

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