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Posted by Lindsay on 8/12/2013 to Sunless Tanning

The name of the game is to moisturize. Million Dollar Tan reacts with the outer layer of the skin to permanently color it. Your tan only comes off when your skin naturally exfoliates. So the only way for it to come off unevenly is if your skin exfoliates unevenly. You can prevent this by keeping your skin well moisturized. Twice a day is ideal. My favorite hydrating lotion is Aveeno. Gentle on the skin (and tan!) but super hydrating.

There will always be times when your skin gets dry and you need to scrub off your old tan before your next tanning session. Let me tell you the best way to do this... you'll LOVE it!

Take a nice hot shower. No need to scrub in the shower. Get out and immediately use Aveeno lotion to moisturize. Then using your damp towel, rub any areas where the tan is uneven. It comes right off! And it's not uncomfortable like exfoliating in the shower can be. Make sure you reapply a light layer of lotion to the areas of skin where you rubbed the tan off. It will keep it nice and hydrated and ready for a fresh tan.

Important note! Since MDT formulas are super high quality, you can't scrub your tan off before it is ready to come off. You wouldn't want to use this method 2 or 3 days after your tanning session because your tan is too new. Just use this method when your tan is starting to fade but you have a few stubborn areas that didn't exfoliate the same way.

Often times you won't have to exfoliate in between tanning sessions. You can let your tan naturally fade and spray or lotion again. It's not essential to exfoliate every time. I exfoliate or not based on how even my tan faded.

If you are in the business of spray tanning, make sure to share helpful tips like this with your guests. It will keep them loving their Million Dollar Tan and coming in once a week for their tanning session.

Off to a day of spray tanning training... let me know if you have any questions!


Date 7/10/2013
Jennifer Le
Hi Lindsay, I just got my system in and I used on my husband Alex who was really white on his belly,back,thighs he runs outside alot so he had "Farmers Tan" I used Tan Icon he looked awesome and even last night. This morning after shower it all washed off what do I need to do at this point? Also Alex is Asian and he usually tans really well and dark but this was his first spray tan and I think he was disappointed ;( Should I go w the Tan Icon Extreme in a case like this?? Thanks
Date 4/22/2014
I'm getting wax tomorrow, can I use the cabana tan extreme that night
Date 8/28/2014
Alyssa Kennedy
How do I fix a splotchy application of MDT Tan Icon Extreme?

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