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Until now, Million Dollar Tan sunless tanning systems and products have only been available to industry professionals. Due to high demand over the last few years, Million Dollar Tan is now available directly to tanners. Here is the story of how we got to where we are today.

Million Dollar Tan's creator Lindsay Dickhout spent years searching for the perfect sunless tan. Naturally ill-fated with pasty skin, Lindsay, like most of her friends, were always in search of the perfect tan. Knowing they didn't want to help wrinkles develop quicker, tanning beds and baking in the sun were not options they were willing to consider. Most rub-on sunless tanners left you more pumpkin than tan and more streaky than even. Lindsay knew there had to be a better way, and was on a quest to find it.

Living in Southern California, going to San Diego State University and President of her Sorority in college, there was not a shortage of willing tanning solution testers! After years of research and testing, Tan Icon was born and Million Dollar Tan's single tanning solution. This one tanning solution was revolutionary. These were the days where Mystic Tan was new and still a bit scary, to think of standing in a human car wash was not normal. As the industry developed and tanners got used to new developments in the industry, Million Dollar Tan exploded, with salons and spas across the country adding Million Dollar Tan professional spray tans to their list of services. The MDT team flew all over the country training salon and spa staffers to deliver the perfect Million Dollar Tan.

Lindsay and her team spray tanned celebrities in all Hollywood industries and even made the Playboy Mansion a regular spray tanning stop. In 2003, Lindsay opened Million Dollar Tan Sunless Tanning and Day Spa in Newport Beach, CA. This large ultra-spa served as the flagship spa for MDT and topped every Orange County list of most popular spots.

Today, Million Dollar Tan is more popular than ever. After over 10 years of providing the highest quality sunless tanning products, Million Dollar Tan is recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of everything sunless tanning. Lindsay and her team are constantly improving the way sunless tanning is done and will continue to create the most innovative and effective products in the industry.

When they are not talking tanning, the Million Dollar Team is talking about giving back. In 2007, Lindsay started a non-profit organization to help homeless children in Orange County. A portion of their profits are donated to this great cause. For more information on The Happiness Project, Click Here.

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