Achieving the perfect pre and post vacation tan!

Posted by Lindsay on 5/10/2012
Step 1.  Get a professional Million Dollar Tan spray tan 1-2 days before you leave on vacation.  I always shower off the tan before I fly but you don't have to.  

Step 2.  Keep your skin ultra hydrated.  Most warm places are also dry so your skin is much more likely to dry out and exfoliate faster. Always moisturize when you get out of the shower. If you can do it before bed too, your tan will hang on that much longer!

Step 3.  Touch-up your tan!  Using Tan Icon spray or Cabana Tan lotion, touch-up your tan 3-4 days after your spray tanning session, when you think it is getting a little lighter or after a pool session.  I use Cabana Tan Extreme as a touch-up.  It's a perfect boost of color and blends smoothly.  To ensure perfect hands and feet, wash your hands well afterwards and rub regular body lotion into your hands and feet to hydrate the dry areas, make your tan a little lighter in these areas and make sure tanning solution isn't able to sit in any dry spots. Sometimes I'll use Tan Icon spray on my face instead of the CTE, just cause it's more concentrated and gives my face that strong color I want (since the face exfoliates faster and absorbs less).  
I like to do this touch-up session before bed so I wake up with a great glow.  You can also do it during the day, it goes on clear so it's not like smearing make-up on your body.  It will be at least 2 hours before you see color but it's quick and easy and you'll be bronzed again before you know it!

This way you'll leave with a great tan and come home with the same fabulous color.  After all, who wants to get into a bikini with pale skin or come home from vacation without a great tan!?

With all the fabulously decorated bikinis these days and in an attempt to maintain our perfect spray tan, I've found that we avoid the water and therefore have less fun.  Hopefully this guide helps you keep that fabulous glow and also have a blast on your next vacation!

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Date 5/16/2011 8:24:16 AM
Love the blog!!!
Date 2/23/2012 2:02:21 PM
nicole oliver
? im new so lets say river trip and ur in water all aday will ur tan come off how often should i do these steps

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