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Cabana Tan Extreme 4oz.

If you want to be ultra-bronzed and ultra-fabulous in a hurry, Cabana Tan Extreme is the sunless tanning lotion for you. It's a darker, more intense version of our famous sunless tanning lotion, Cabana Tan, and will give any skin tone an enviably rich color. Luxuriously smooth and easy to apply, it won't spot or streak and has a light, fresh scent. And because it's formulated with hydrating ingredients like aloe and sweet almond oil, your skin will love it as much as you do! It’s quick and easy to get the deep tan you crave without exposing yourself to harmful rays. Cabana Tan Extreme gives amazing, seriously beach-worthy color, and we guarantee you’ll love it even more than a suntan!

To Use: It's best (but not essential) to shower, shave and exfoliate before your tanning session. Apply a very light layer of body lotion to hydrate the skin and allow for even absorption of your sunless tanner. (Too much lotion could act as a slight barrier to the tan.) Then, apply Blend Friend barrier oil or barrier cream to your hands, feet and any other dry or difficult areas (including scars, skin inconsistencies, and sun spots) to avoid over-absorption of tanning solution. Apply Cabana Tan Extreme by gently rubbing a light layer into the skin until fully absorbed. Be sure to wash your palms thoroughly.

Pair it with Cabana Tan Extreme Face and you'll have a glamorous glow from head to toe!

I love this stuff! It gives you the most amazing tan!! I now cannot live without this :) I would definitely recommend!!
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 11/15/2013
This is M.A.G.I.C !
I have tried so many fake tan lotions, but this is by far THE best one! I am medium skinned, and get tanned easily but, I couldn't believe it when I applied a light coat before I went to bed and woke up like a glowing brownie. I'm so addicted to this! My 4oz bottle lasted me almost 4,5 months.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA. on 10/16/2013
Most perfect tan ever, I have received so many compliments. I was a first time fake tanner and after using this I cannot go back to my pale days. Its so easy to use, i just put it on before bed and in the morning I wake up glowing. I'm fairly pale but would still definately recommend the extreme version of this tan for those of you that want to look constantly sunkissed!
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Reviewed by:  from London, United Kingdom. on 7/25/2013
This product is absolutely the best tanning lotion I have ever used. I've tryed many different one but this one is by far the best yet. I buy the 4 oz. because as seeing I am In my last years of high school with no job in not able to buy the 8 oz. , I wish I could . I am In love with this product and told all my friends to get it!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Bakersfield , ca. on 7/21/2013
FINALLY no odor!!!
This lotion is the first I've tried that doesn't leave me gagging! There is a slight scent but it's very mild and not bad at all. Makes the process so much nicer. Plus the color is great and last a long time!
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Reviewed by:  from New Zealand. on 7/18/2013
Totally recommended!
I heard about this product on YouTube (CarliBel55) and I was like: "I go twice a week to a solarium. At the end of the month it'd be more expensive than this product. Let's give it a try!" And I have to be honest. This product is a miracle! It's so easy to apply and it works so good and fast! The package may look small but you can use the 4oz one at least 5-8 times. I totally recommend this product! It couldn't be better!
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Reviewed by:  from Switzerland. on 7/16/2013
Beautiful result
I bought this product in the 4 oz option as a tester, and went with the extreme version being that its mid-summer. It looks fantastic! I applied generously then washed my hands, added about equal parts of regular lotion and MDT for my hands and voila! My husband can't stop saying how flawless my tan looks! I have been buying spray tans and home tans for 10 years and the hunt is officially over! Thanks!
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Reviewed by:  from Baton Rouge, La. on 7/4/2013
Perfect for sensitive skin !
I love this product ! i have the most sensitive skin in the world and i break out from any and everything and this didn't make me breakout ! ive done spray tans at salons for years and this lasts so much longer it doesn't turn u red or green and it fades perfectly my spray tans would get so blotchy, and it doesn't stain my clothes! i love it !
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Reviewed by:  from arizona. on 4/26/2013
Cabana Tan
This is the best self tanner I've experienced and I've gone through quiet a lot of them. Very happy with the results.
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Reviewed by:  from Tustin, CA. on 2/24/2012
It Works!!
I'm so happy to find this product. It's a nice dark color, but natural and even. I rub it all over my body, even my face. Then, like the instructions say, I rub body lotion on my hands and feet. I find that this dilutes the tan so that it doesn't sit in dry areas of my hands and feet. I never have the self tanner feet or hands. If I didn't talk about how much I love my tanning lotion... nobody would know it wasn't a real tan!
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Reviewed by:  from Hendersonville, TN. on 6/8/2011
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