Destination Tan  EXTREME

Destination Tan EXTREME

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Cabana Tan Extreme: Cabana Tan Extreme is the same great color combination as our original Cabana Tan, but in Extreme form.  It still goes on clear for ease of use, but packs a punch when it comes to color. Your color will develop over the next few hours and will last at least a week. Make sure you wait 6-8 hours before you shower and keep your skin well moisturized.

Cabana Tan Extreme Face: Cabana Tan Extreme Face is your newest essential beauty product. It's Million Dollar Tan's famous bronzed tan color, in a lotion that's made just for the face. This Extreme version is for those with a darker skin tone or those that like to be ultra bronzed.  Don't let the word "extreme" scare you!  It's the same natural color, just darker.  It provides a natural glow that evens out skin tone and makes your skin radiate. This incredibly versatile lotion works on all skin types and colors.

All that Shimmers: Whether you’re preparing for flashbulbs on the red carpet or just a spur-of-the moment selfie, give your skin the royal treatment it deserves with our luxuriously light body oil. This amazing dry oil shimmer adds an extra bit of bronze sheen to your sunless tan, or use it on its own for just a touch a color and subtle luminosity. Hydrating botanicals pack a powerful, skin smoothing punch—even dull, dry skin becomes instantly refreshed and radiant.  Perfectly shimmery and never glittery, it’s party-ready sheen that’s actually good for your skin! With a hint of bronzer and a bit of shimmer, you’ll dazzle in the sunlight or the limelight. 

Body Buffer: Use Body Buffer in the shower before your sunless tanning session. Gently rub into the skin, head to toe, to remove the dead skin cells on the outer layer of skin. Leaves skin fresh and clean.

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