Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer!

Posted by Devon on 7/22/2014

Keep your skin hydrated this summer!

 The best way to have a long lasting and gorgeous sunless tan longer is moisturization and hydration. During the summer months it is even more important!  Here are a couple of unexpected ways to keep your skin looking radiant through the beautiful, but harsh, summer conditions!

1. Drink lots of water!

Most people don’t realize that how hydrated you are on the inside is related to how hydrated and radiant you are on the outside!

2. Eat your water.

Drinking liquids isn’t the only way to keep hydrated. By eating fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water like cucumber, watermelon, and tomato, you are not only hydrating, you are consuming antioxidants that fight free-radicals and aid in anti-aging.

3.  Apply moisturizer at least twice daily.

The more moisturizer you apply, the better! By using a daily moisturizer several times a day you are helping the top layer of your skin that holds your sunless tan to stay on longer. Any sunless tan will come off when the top layer of your skin exfoliates off.

4. Use a hydrating skin product

            There are a few products out there designed to provide extra moisture to the skin keeping it radiant and supple. Not to mention these products are great for anti-aging as well! Our favorite is Deramalogica Skin Hydrating Booster which will do wonders on that complexion of yours!

Now that you have all of the best tools to keep yourself and your skin hydrated this summer it's time for a Million Dollar Tan and a nice sliced up watermelon! <3


Date 11/21/2014
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