Lindsay's Favorites: Homemade Healthy Granola

Posted by on 10/12/2015


This week's Lindsay's Favorites comes straight from the #girlboss herself! Homemade healthy granola is a great way to jumpstart the day or perfect for a snack on-the-go! Pair this homemade fabulousness with a light yogurt for a perfect sweet snack packed with essential ingredients to fuel your body throughout the day!

Check out some delicious yogurt options below:

Lactose Free Options:

Granola Recipe:

-Mix one cup of every nut you like- chopped medium size

-Add a half cup of all seeds you like

-2 cups of unsweetened coconut

-mix all with about one cup of agave or honey. Then add cinnamon depending on taste... I use a lot because there aren't any added flavors or sugars like most things have ??

Can add oats or leave out... Add 2 cups or however much you decide is best for your ratio. This makes it more like granola. Without oats makes it more like trail mix ??

Put on foil on a baking tray at 400. Cook for 10 minutes then flip ... Then flip every 5 minutes until done- usually about 25 mins total... It's great baked to where they get nice and crunchy- careful- bottoms burn easily hence the always turning.

Then when done, cool on baking paper... Add in 2 kinds of raisins and I add more coconut! Allow to cool fully before putting in jars. Stays fresh for a full month!

Sounds like a lot of steps but so so easy! ????

xo- Lindsay

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