Lindsay's Wednesday Faves: Fab and Delicious!

Posted by Devon on 7/9/2014
Not only does Lindsay have great tips on all things fabulous, she also knows the secret to battling mid-afternoon hunger! This week Lindsay's Favorite is Marifit Protein Poppers. Mariko Crane, the creator of Protein Poppers, is a fitness guru who was on a mission to find the perfect quick and nutritious snack to keep her going throughout the day. Not only are they good for you, they are delicious too. Coming in six different flavors, these little balls of all-natural goodness are appealing to every diet. Protein Poppers are packed with healthy and chemical-free ingredients that are energizing and easy of your body to digest. Marifit Protein Poppers are sold at juice bars across Southern California and online at So, the next time you need a little snack to keep your energy up, grab a Protein Popper. It's ways to see why they are on Lindsay's Favorites list!

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