Lindsay's Wednesday Faves!: Healing Powers of Tastiness?

Posted by Devon on 7/23/2014

This week’s Wednesday favorite will have your mouth watering! If you are like me and have no control over sweets consumption, you are going to love Lindsay’s favorite guilty pleasure: McConnell’s Double Whammy Double Peanut Butter Chip ice cream. This creamy delight is not only delectable, all of McConnell’s ice creams are made with organic ingredients that are grown and harvested in California’s own Central Coast. With delicious chunks of chocolate and organic peanut butter mixed in smooth, delicious ice cream; they claim they should be considered their own food group because of their phenomenal healing powers. Everything from a broken heart to a sunburn- McConnell’s Ice Cream seems to heal it all.  If you find yourself craving a little frozen treat pick up some McConnell’s Ice Cream at your local Whole Foods or visit to find a retailer near you!

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