*Professional Million Dollar Tan Accounts* How To Maximize Your 4th Of July Tanning!

Posted by Lindsay on 6/26/2013 to Spray Tanning

The week leading up to July 4th is one of the biggest tanning weeks of the year.  This happens for a few reasons.  It's the first official holiday of the summer and people are pale!  They've been covered up for months and the idea of unveiling pasty white legs makes them run to you for 911 help.  Also, everyone does something for the 4th.  From vacations to BBQs to Vegas, everyone wants to look good.  So don't miss out on this great opportunity to attract new guests and convert them to regular Million Dollar Tanners.

Here are a few steps I would take ASAP!

1.  Call/email/text your existing client base.  Tell them the days and times you have free for appointments and explain how quickly time slots are being filled. It's important to have a "call to action" so they don't wait until the last minute or forget altogether.

2.  Consider offering a special to first time guests (or all guests for that matter!).

3.  Print some 4th of July specific cards/flyers and get out there!  Gyms, coffee shops, hair salons, nail salons, dermatologists, boutiques, etc etc.  It's best to start with places you visit regularly.  They are always willing to keep your cards out and may even tell visitors about it.  

4.  Send emails/FB and Twitter posts- Put together cute 4th of July graphics to send out.  You can even use the same ones you create for your cards.  Take the time to create something cute and patriotic.  Your friends and family will be more likely to forward it around to their friends.  Get the word out, make it sound like the exclusive service that it is and prepare for a busy week!

5.  When people book appointments, consider offering a discount if they bring a friend along.  The more people you expose to the service, the faster your client base will grow.

Now is the time to get on this if you want a full schedule next week.  I have many single tanner locations that will go through a gallon a day and also profit $1,000 per day next week.  You can get there.  Think creatively, put it all out there, give fabulous tans and have fun!


Date 10/4/2012
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