Quest for Glowing Skin: Exfoliation Treatment

Posted by Lindsay on 7/20/2015
This entry will be the first of many in this series. Some expected, some unexpected, some shocking, some hilarious… but all interesting and relevant in this discussion. Come along with me on this adventure!

Quest for Glowing Skin- Entry 1

On a total whim, two of my best girlfriends cruised up from San Diego to meet me at iSpa in Irvine, a Korean spa that specializes in full body exfoliation. A very good friend in the industry hailed this place as the best scrub you can get anywhere. For the three of us, we were SOLD! What my pal forgot to mention is that this spa is totally nude, and it’s pretty much mandatory! My two friends arrived a few minutes before I did and the look on their faces when I walked in was almost indescribable. They were wearing their purple oversized t-shirt and shorts uniforms that are only supposed to be worn after your treatment, when you are in the coed saunas. One said, “I feel like we did something wrong.” The other said, “how could you not tell us it was a nude-y place?!” I died, literally died laughing bracing myself against the wall of lockers. The entire experience was just more than we could even take in. Women walking around completely nude, but not just walking, shaving (everywhere!), brushing their teeth, hopping from the hot pool to the cold pool, showering and lounging. It was nudism to the extreme. We couldn’t bring ourselves to join in. We remained in our lavender post-treamtent outfits and just took the abuse that came from it. The staff literally told us we must remove our clothes to continue. We sat in silence as we waited for our names to be called for our scrub session. We whispered among ourselves asking, could this treatment ever be worth all of this? Well we were about to find out!!

Three women came up to us wearing black lace bra and undies. We couldn’t understand them and thought they were fellow patrons upset about our not conforming. Come to find out, they were our technicians. They walked us to our “rooms.” You can see in this picture, the rooms are in no way private. You strip down and are completely naked on your bed. I got SO lucky and was in the very last stall of the room. One of my pals was in the very very first stall, so pretty much everyone that walked by got a quick glace of her in all her glory. You don’t mean to look, you just don’t know what’s up. After you look down one stall, you don’t look down others! So poor Linds took one for the team, thanks Linds!

The treatment turned out to be in fact, the best exfoliation or any body treatment that any of us had ever had. It was a full hour of scrubbing followed by 30 minutes of massage. Through out the session the technician sat us up, laid us down, flipped us over, threw hot water on us, rubbed hot oil on us, scrubbed our skin down to the deepest level and even gave us a full face massage. It was unexpected, incredibly effective and felt great. It was however in no way relaxing, ha! But that’s ok… you don’t go here for a relaxing massage. We were asked to go to the shower twice to rinse off mid session. When it was my turn to go, I literally begged my technician to allow me to take my towel with me. She reluctantly agreed and I held it in front of my body, covering the most important parts. It was more like a hand towel, not a body towel, so no option for full body coverage. I DIED laughing once again when I passed Lindsey in the hallway with the exact same towel in the exact same position as me! Everyone else passing by was fully nude and the two of us were just running and covering as we went. We are confident girls too… it wasn’t about being self conscience, more about just being conservative I guess!

When we all met up after our 90 minute experience, we had so much to share. We had similar but different experiences and all were hilarious. Amanda’s technician didn’t speak a word of English.. I can’t even imagine!! We were happy to be allowed to wear our uniforms now and we loved all of the cool rooms they have. We hit up the fire room, salt room, forest room and ice room. It was so refreshing to go from one to another and back again. We didn’t know what we were doing so we just copied what everyone else was doing in there. Sometimes you lay on the floor with your feet up against the wall… other times you lay flat in your own hammock type thing. It was an experience for sure!

The level of exfoliation that resulted from this treatment should not be overshadowed by the crazy experience that it was. My skin has literally never felt as soft as it did afterwards. The technicians scrub every inch of your body, nothing is missed! For a girl that applies tan on top of tan, it was wonderful to scrub down to my natural skin. My feet, elbows and knees were a total dream, so smooth and soft, I didn’t know it was even possible! We laughed for hours and will probably laugh about this experience when we are old ladies sipping skinny margs on a rooftop somewhere. It was certainly worth the discomfort for the sake of completely fresh, glowing skin.

A fair word of caution! This scrub leaves your skin so fresh that there is a 0% chance of any sunless tan surviving. So have your Million Dollar Tan on stand-by. It was the first thing I did when I got home. No way I was going to let my color-less natural skin tone see the daylight the next day! And bonus- my tan the next day was incredible! While this would be overkill for me to do weekly or even monthly, I will absolutely do it when my skin needs a total refresh before a sunless tanning session.

My friends and I have agreed on one thing though- before we visit iSpa again, we are stopping at a wine bar and throwing back a few glasses first!

Thank you for reading! Until our next glowing skin adventure…


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