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Posted by Lindsay on 4/7/2012
Welcome to Million Dollar Tan's first official blog entry!  I'm excited to talk tanning with you just about every day!  

In case you are new to Million Dollar Tan... 
I started Million Dollar Tan over 10 years ago and in that time I've become an expert on everything sunless tanning.  Today we have thousands of accounts across the country offering our professional spray tanning service.  Our products are sold in fabulous retail locations in just about every state and online.  

Our products are simply the best in the industry.  We manufacture our own products so you get the very freshest, highest quality product, at the best possible price.  Using raw, organic DHA, we formulate our products at the perfect temperature and pH to create the most natural looking sunless tanning products.  

Let's Talk!
Please email me at lindsay@milliondollartan.com with any questions that you have.  I will use this blog to answer all of your questions about the professional spray tanning service and at-home sunless tanning products.  

A tan makes everyone look and feel so much better.  And a sunless tan does it without any harmful sun exposure, risk of skin cancer or wrinkles!  I will continue to work to provide products that give people the very best natural looking sunless tan, easily and at a great price. 

Welcome to the Million Dollar Tan Blog!


Date 2/15/2013
Sheradan Stanekovic
Hello, a question regarding the Million Dollar Tan's colour when applied to the skin , is it more of a dark brown colour or does it have a green "olive" colour to it. Thank you Sheradan

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