♥ Shower and exfoliate using Body Buffer.  Towel off and apply a very light layer of body lotion.  Allow this to dry for 2-5 minutes.  

♥ Apply Blend Friend Barrier Cream or Oil to hands and feet and any dry areas.  This will moisturize these dry areas and only allow half of the tanning solution to absorb where you put it.  This makes it so your hands and feet are perfectly tanned without any over-saturated spots.

♥ Apply Mermaid Mousses using your hands or tanning mitt.  These products are designed to dispense with the perfect light, whipped consistency for the most smooth and flawless application.  Simply pump your MM onto your hand or mitt and rub into the skin.  Finish blending one area before going onto the next.  If you are using your hands, it's a good idea to wash your hands once mid-session and again when you are done.  Our ingredients are effective and fast-acting so it's an extra quick step to ensure you don't have any sunless tanning color on your palms.  

♥ Allow your mousses to dry for 2-5 minutes before dressing.  Mermaid Mousses dry quickly and leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized, not sticky and wet like some sunless tanners.  You'll love the slight instant bronze color and ultra-light smooth application.

♥ Note:  You can absolutely use this product during the day time too!  If you wake up feeling pale, apply Mermaid Mousses to your entire body or parts that you want tanned, and your glow will develop over the next 6 hours.  We lay out the regime this way because most people prefer to do it before bed and wash it off in the morning.  But daytime works too!

♥ Wake up with a fabulously bronzed bod.  Shower off your Mermaid Mousses using a gentle body wash (no scrubbing).  

♥ Apply a heavy layer of body lotion to your body.  Apply your normal face moisturizer to face, followed by Complexion Protection.  This high-end cosmetic SPF will protect your skin from the suns rays all day long.  Your moisturizer or make-ups SPF 15 or 20 is not enough protection!  This SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen goes on smoothly so you don't even know it's there!  

♥ If you are wearing foundation, apply Shade Upgrade to your foundation before applying.  This way you don't have to purchase several shades of foundation based on how tan you are.  Simply adjust how much Shade Upgrade you add to your foundation everyday for a totally custom makeup color. This product is made with the same brown color base so your skin tone will always match your body tan. 

♥ Use All That Shimmers as the ultimate body finishing product.  Apply after you are dressed to exposed areas like arms, legs, chest, etc.  Allow 2-5 minutes to dry.  Any products like this rub off on clothing but this one does very little.  If it does rub off a little (mostly noticeable on white clothing), it washes out totally!  The payoff on this product is unbelievable.  It adds a boost of instant bronzing color (no sunless tanner) and completely smooths the look of the skin adding the perfect amount of sheen.  The skin looks hydrated, bronzed and healthy.  It's the perfect finishing product to your newly glowing skin. 

Regime 2

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